St. John's Summit Concert Series

Experience the Music

The mission of the St. John's Summit Concert Series is to bring a variety of musical genres to the surrounding community that will appeal to a broad audience, regardless of faith, background or tradition. We view this series as a ministry through the universal gift of music.


New York City is home to the finest musical acts around the world. There you hear the music in concert halls along with thousands of people.

But what if there was a way to enjoy that same concert in the privacy of a community venue? See the artists up close, and even meet them?

You wouldn't be hearing it, you'd be EXPERIENCING the music. That's the idea behind the St. John's Summit Concert Series, which has hosted the Vienna Boys Choir, Peter Yarrow, and Chanticleer -- all in Summit, NJ.

Don't settle for listening anymore. Join us to experience our 2017-2018 season!

Peter Yarrow - 2015-2016

Peter Yarrow - 2015-2016